Weird and Wonderful Experiments

Welcome to the (probably) weird and (maybe) wonderful experiments I've created, or participated in to some extent.
Hopefully you'll find these mildly interesting, but it doesn't really matter if you don't. All that really matters is that fun is had.

Projects I'm Involved In

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I'm currently working on a project called Fetch; a website, like Scratch, but for Scratch mods.

It arose out of the (apparent) disappearance of a site called 'Mod Share', which provides a service similar what I am trying to create. However, it appears that Mod Share is no longer being maintained, and people have called for a "reboot" to the site. This is what Fetch is for.


RBXDatabase is a project on a semi-hiatus right now.

This is a data storage solution for the online game/development platform ROBLOX, as built-in features are lacking and developers would like more flexibility. RBXDatabase provides developers with advanced data storage features to allow developers to store all the data they will ever need.

Plastic Dimensions

Plastic Dimensions is something I've been working on for a while now.

It's a game engine, similar to that of ROBLOX, but built with a different vision: to be an easy-to-use development environment, where the developers call the shots. We have a Lua-integrated engine so entry-level developers can still create fun, exciting games for everyone to play.